Nepal Breaking NewsBusinessThe Agricultural Development Bank now offers credit card services.

The Agricultural Development Bank now offers credit card services.

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Since the month of Baishakh, 2078 BS, Agricultural Development Bank Limited (ADBL) has been offering credit card services to its customers. The bank has so far issued 78 cards.

ADBL is Nepal’s first government-owned bank to offer this service. This facility will be available to trusted Nepali with a stable income, as well as former current employees of this bank.

The bank’s credit card limit ranges from a minimum of Rs 25, to a maximum of Rs 100,000. Similarly, the card has various features such as EMV compliance, contactless payment features, is usable and , and can be used to pay for a variety of goods and services through the terminal, among others.

The bank has also requested that all customers contact the bank’s branch offices in order to the credit card facility.

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