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The capital gains tax on the stock market was raised by 14 billion dollars.

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Capital gains tax of Rs. 14 billion was collected from the capital market in Fiscal Year 2077/78. Capital gains were received at an average of Rs 1 billion per year in the prior fiscal years. The capital market has collected the same amount of profit tax this fiscal year.

Monthly, than Rs 1 billion in capital gains tax was collected in the previous fiscal year. As the capital market has online, the of new participants has surged. In addition, thanks to the Covid, which has both the number of investors in the capital market and the transaction amount, older and larger investors been more active, new investors have increased their turnover, and other areas of investment have been affected.

As the volume of transactions increased, the index reached an all-time high of 2900. The daily transaction volume was approximately Rs 19.55 billion.

According to the CDSC clearinghouse, there have been 37 36 thousand 9 hundred 26 Demat account openings. The number of people who own my shares has surpassed 28 lakh 52 thousand.

The number of people TMS to trade stocks online has surpassed 991,953.

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