The Fiber Infrastructure of Nepal Telecom is Now Available For Sharing,

The Fiber Infrastructure of Nepal Telecom is Now Available For Sharing

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Nepal Telecom’s fiber infrastructures are now available to telecom companies in Nepal for high-speed transmission networks. This marks the beginning of infrastructure sharing, which will be critical for the deployment and growth of telecom networks.

Although the shared sharing of fiber infrastructures has been in the news for some time, Nepal Telecom’s board meeting only recently reached a final decision.

Emerging telecom operators would benefit from infrastructure sharing because they will be able to obtain necessary capital at a lower cost. It will enable them to extend their service across the country without having to rely on Nepal Telecom’s infrastructure.

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NTA had already assigned Nepal Telecom the task of establishing infrastructure, but the plan was halted due to technical issues as well as the COVID-19-induced lockdown. But, better late than never, the project has been approved.

Dilliram Adhikari, Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, stated that the company would share fiber optics above 48 cores in order to ensure advanced fiber connections.

Keeping the fiber link and database up to date

For seamless connectivity, establishing fiber connections is just as crucial as maintaining them. Nepal Telecom will install an Active Fiber Monitoring System for this reason. This will enable Nepal Telecom to manage and track the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ensure a consistent link.

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A business cannot resell Nepal Telecom’s fiber transmission to other telecom or ISPs once it has started using it.

“Active Fiber Monitoring System would help to verify the use and problems of the fiber network,” NTC MD added. It would also assist in determining whether a specific company has resold it.”

Fiber transmission sharing would bring telecom companies together into a single ecosystem. Since the root of telecom services will be centralized, this will aid in delivering a consistent service. Additionally, it is a win-win scenario for both the infrastructure owner and the organization that is using others’ services.

What are your thoughts on sharing fiber infrastructure? Do you think it’s possible that telecom companies would share fiber links rather than build their own? What effect do you believe it would have on the connection? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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