The Minister of Health says there will be no lockout, but warns people to be cautious.

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Despite the fact that cases have been on the rise in the last week, Minister for Health and Population says the will not impose a lockdown.

Minister Tripathi, speaking at the Health Conclave on Tuesday, said that a lockdown in Nepal would be extremely unlikely in the immediate future.

He went on to say that the government was prepared to take all necessary steps to stop the virus from spreading so that the nation did not have to be shut down again.

“We know the lockout would help prevent the virus from spreading. We do, however, recognize its longing impact on and the economy,” he added.

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With the of cases in on the rise, Tripathi said the government had begun antigen testing along the countryR7;s borders. He also said that quarantine facilities had been established in these areas, and that citizens should not be alarmed.

“We’re aware of the situation in India. But there’s no need to be concerned,” he said. “The government wants people to remain vigilant and cautious because we need everyone to work together to fight the virus.”

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