The Nepalese government has placed these 11 construction firms on a blacklist.

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After discovering that 11 failed to meet the basic requirements for winning a government contract, the government put them on a blacklist.

According to section 63(1) of the , 2007, the companies were put on a one-year blacklist by the . For the next year, they will be unable to qualify for any government contract.

According to the office, the was recommended by the and the Hetaunda-based Division Office.

Here is the list of the blacklisted companies:

  1. Hetauda Construction, Makawanpur
  2. Saraswati Construction, Rautahat
  3. Abhaya Construction, Parsa
  4. Janajagriti Construction, Bara
  5. Bishal Construction, Bara,
  6. Binayak Construction, Makawanpur
  7. Sharmila Nirman Sewa, Makawanpur
  8. Naya Yug Nirman Sewa,
  9. Shiva Nirman Sewa, Parsa
  10. RA Nirman Sewa, Makawanpur
  11. B Brothers Nirman Sewa, Makawanpur
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