Nepal Breaking NewsNepal Stock ExchangeThe price of chicken meat has increased to Rs 415 per kilogram

The price of chicken meat has increased to Rs 415 per kilogram

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Due to the influence of Covid-19, the of broiler chicken meat has increased to Rs 415 per kg. In the last , the price of chicken flesh has risen by Rs 100 per .

Retailers in the Kathmandu Valley are selling chicken meat for Rs 415 per kg. Live chicken, on the other hand, has been selling for Rs. 280 per kg.

Chicken meat consumption has also grown as the lockout has been lifted. Hotels and restaurants are now open for . Prices, which had been steadily down since Covid’s inception, have recently surged.

Poultry producers have accused the hatchery industry and middlemen of being the primary cause of the rise in poultry meat prices. Farmers in the Terai, including Chitwan, sell live chickens for Rs 240 per kg, according to Jhalak Poudel, head of the Nepal Poultry Farmers’ Association. Farmers in the Kathmandu Valley sell live birds for Rs per kg.

The Kathmandu Valley consumes five lakh kilograms of beef per day, while Nepal consumes one million kilograms per day.

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