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The results of Manakamana Smart Laghubitta Sanstha’s IPO distribution can be seen in this way

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Manakamana Smart Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited has gone public with an initial public offering (IPO). NMB Capital’s sales distributed the this morning at Capital’s office.

From July 1 to 5, the company issued an IPO to the public. 1.954 million 274 people applied for the organization’s IPO.

According to Capital, 1,951,521 of the 2,753 applications were eligible.

Capital had distributed the shares to the eligible applicants by forcing them to participate in the round after receiving more applications demand. As a result, 36 thousand 349 people received shares at a rate of 10 lots.

Two of them received 11 shares each. More than 1.917 million people who applied have been turned .

The company had launched a public offering of 3,89,492 ordinary shares worth Rs 38.9 million.

0.5 percent of the issued capital, or 19,450 shares, has been set aside for collective , with the remaining 6,058 shares reserved for the company’s employees. The remaining 363,492 lots have been applied for by the general public.

The IPO results are available on , CDS’ IPO results website, and NMB Capital, the sales manager.

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