Nepal Breaking NewsWorldThe South Korean government's research initiative is supported by COVID-19 self-testing kits.

The South Korean government’s research initiative is supported by COVID-19 self-testing kits.

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South Korean manufacturers have produced COVID-19 self-testing kits as the world grapples with the coronavirus and health services around the world are stressed coping with virus cases.

According to media reports, the self-testing kits developed by South Korean biotech firms SD Biosensor and Humasis to help search for COVID-19 on their own, assisting the government’s testing .

According to the Reuters agency, South gave the self-testing kits conditional approval on April 23, 2021. According to Korea Herald, the kit went on sale in South Korea on April 30. In South Korea, the kits are commonly available in local pharmacies.

According to, users can obtain samples from their noses on their own for testing, and the results are available in 15-30 minutes.

If the self-test yields a positive result, users must visit a screening station to perform preemptive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing to obtain a more reliable result.

As the country grapples with an escalating virus outbreak, the kit has significantly reduced the pressure on South Korean authorities to screen people for coronavirus .

According to, self-kits are currently in use in many European countries where governments have given emergency use approval.

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