US government hands over lost antiquities to Nepal

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On Thursday, the Nepalese Consulate General in New York received three Nepalese antiquities from the New York County District AttorneyR7;s Office.

Bishnu Prasad , Acting Consul General of , and Cyrus Vance Jr, District Attorney of New York County, signed an agreement about the recovery, handover, and repatriation of various idols to Nepal.

At a ceremony, New York County Executive District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon turned over the antiquities to the acting consul general.

The following is a list of the antiquities that were received:

  1. 3.13 x 2.12 x 5.5 inch seated Ganesha, circa 15-16th century AD
  2. 7.13 x 4.5 x 9 inch seated Buddha in Bhumisparsa Mudra, about 14-15th Century AD
  3. A colored Apsara on a wooden beam, circa 13th century AD, scale 8 x 9 x 50 inch
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It has been learned that the consulate will give these riches to Nepal shortly.

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