Vivo Launches 2078 New Year’s Offers

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, one of the most famous smartphone brands, is offering special deals to . On the purchase of Vivo smartphones across all Vivo outlets in Nepal, the deals include massive price discounts, as well as fun gifts and bumper prizes. Its new year deals will begin on April 7, 2021, and will run through April 25, 2021.

In the Nepali industry, Vivo has a commendable presence. According to a global mobile market share watch, Nepal currently has a healthy 6.17 percent market share and is ranked sixth.

The brand has become well-known for its budget-friendly mid-range smartphones that provide excellent value for .

The anticipates that the new year’s offers will strengthen its position in the Nepali market in the coming years. The Vivo deals include the following highlights:

Customers can get the chance to experience exciting discounts and other exciting prizes including Headphones, Speakers, IPL Jerseys, and more when they buy selected V & Y series smartphones across Vivo’s retail outlets in Nepal.

What’s On The Table?

Purchases of such handsets are eligible for exclusive discounts and deals. Vivo’s picked V series handsets, such as the V20 (8GB+128GB), V20 SE (8GB+128GB), and Y series smartphones, such as the Y51 (8GB+128GB), Y20 (3GB+64GB), Y20 (4GB +64GB), Y20s (4GB+ 128GB), Y12s (3GB+ 32GB), Y91C (2GB+ 32GB), will be offered for purchase with massive price drops and discounts, as well as some For more details, see the sections below.

  • The Vivo V20 will be eligible for NPR 3,000 less. The first 100 customers who buy the Vivo V20 will receive exciting Gaming Headphones as well.
  • The first 150 customers who purchase the Vivo V20 SE will receive Bluetooth speakers.
  • Meanwhile, all buyers of the Vivo Y20 (3GB+64GB) will be able to get it for NPR 1000 less.
  • The Vivo Y91C will be available for NPR 2000 less.
  • Vivo Y12s will also be discounted by NPR 1000 when purchased.
  • The first 1700 customers who purchase a Y20 (4GB+64GB), Y20s, or Y51 will be entered into a draw to win an official IPL jersey for this season.
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Vivo has given more information about how the deal will be implemented. The first buyers must unlock the unit in order to be eligible for the offers. After that, they must have their computer scanned via the DMS system (software of Vivo).

In addition, the TDS on IPL shirts, gaming headphones, and Bluetooth speakers will be 25%. Vivo, on the other hand, would be responsible for it. The Y12 discount and other bumper rewards will be eligible only during the New Year Campaign, which runs from April 7 to April 25. The device price reductions, on the other hand, will remain in effect even after the New Year Campaign has ended.

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What does Vivo expect?

’s CEO, Mars, wished Nepalese customers a “very good, prosperous, and happy new year.” He also expressed his sincere appreciation to all of the company’s customers for their unwavering loyalty and support.

“We are pleased to have completed another fruitful year in Nepal,” he continued on behalf of the brand. We hope to continue to serve our customers and provide them with cutting-edge smartphones that will enhance their lives.”

Vivo has made a name for itself by taking a fresh approach to design and creativity. Its V series devices have given a whole new generation of selfie and photography enthusiasts a chance to express themselves. The phones are known for their sleek designs and front/rear camera capabilities.

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While the Y series, which caters to young people, has won them over with its long-lasting batteries and AI camera setups.

Vivo deserves praise for becoming the first smartphone manufacturer to launch the world’s thinnest device. It was also the first smartphone company to introduce the in-display fingerprint scanner and pop-up camera, both of which are extremely common. The brand is gradually but steadily growing to become a major player among other global brands, as well as in Nepal.


Vivo, like many other brands, is taking advantage of the festive season of New Year 2078. Consumers will be enticed by the available price cuts and exclusive deals. If you’ve been debating whether or not to buy a new smartphone, Vivo would undoubtedly meet your needs.

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