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What you need to know about Mero Kitta and NELIS

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The Nepalese government has launched Mero Kitta, an online portal that allows users to obtain accurate and affordable revenue-related services that would otherwise have to be obtained by physically visiting the Survey Department or Survey offices.

It is now possible to submit one’s land revenue and receive a printed version of their plot of land’s sketch. Field Books, which are used by surveyors to record , also be printed using Mero Kitta’s convenience. Field drawing requests, Field book printing, Plotter register printing, and map printing are just a few of the services offered by this online platform.

Customers must register for Mero Kitta’s services on this online portal in order to receive them. Individuals must have doplusents proving their property ownership, such as Lalpurja, as well as their citizenship certificate, Nagarikta.

Mero Kitta services for ordinary users

Mero Kitta can be used by regular users by sending an online application in the required format. Users will then receive an OTP code, which will be required for the duration of Mero Kitta’s service. Users receive an SMS with a revenue sum to be charged after receiving information and services to be granted by the agency.

Users can pay their taxes by visiting and entering their mobile number and OTP, then paying by electronic means or bank vouchers. The offices will upload a digital copy of the map, which is a pdf edition, and send an SMS to the associated mobile after obtaining payment. To receive the chart, users must download it within a week and validate it with their OTP (One Password).

Corporate Mero Kitta accounts can also be developed by using Article 5 of the Directive on the Provision of Services via Digital Systems from Survey Offices.

Mero Kitta is still in its early stages of growth. In its initial stage, the service was introduced in the Kathmandu valley’s Department of Surveying (Napi Karyalaya), with offices in Kalanki, Dillibazar, and Bhaktapur currently implementing the facilities. In the long run, the Nepalese government hopes to introduce such a creative and tech-savvy platform in all of the country’s 126 survey offices.

The launch of online platform systems like these not only benefits users, but it also moves our country closer to digitization and encourages us to take a major technological leap forward. To become a member of Metro Kitta, sign up quickly and be integrated with a cutting-edge land governance platform.

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