Nepal Breaking NewsNepal Stock ExchangeWith a turnover of Rs 7.5 billion, NEPSE fell by 9 points

With a turnover of Rs 7.5 billion, NEPSE fell by 9 points

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On the of the initial , the life insurance business Life Insurance surpassed LIC Nepal, of the country’s top enterprises, to take second place in the previous fiscal year.

to the , it was successful in raising the premium to more than Rs 4 billion, including the overall premium of Rs 12.16 billion, and the situation of the life insurance companies operating in Nepal has fluctuated.

LIC is third, with a first premium of Rs 3.55 billion, while Life is fourth, with a premium of Rs 3.19 billion.

When compared to the previous fiscal year, the corporation collected more than 70% of the initial premium in fiscal year 2077/78. Similarly, the corporation to have collected Rs 12.16 billion 5.5 million in the previous fiscal year, compared to Rs 9 billion 267.4 million the year .

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