Before you sell your old Android phone, there are a few things you should do

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If you keep switching smartphones, thereR7;s a good chance you sold your old one to get a new one. If you follow a few basic steps, selling your old appears to be a simple and straightforward operation. However, if you are unfamiliar with the steps, we have outlined them for you. You could say that we format our device with a single click. “As a result, I’m going to format my device before selling it.” Did you realize, however, that your data can be retrieved just as easily as your can be formatted? Let’s take a look at certain considerations to make before selling your old Android phone.

Before You Sell Your Smartphone

  • Backup your data: Make a copy of your backup and keep it somewhere secure so you can use it on your new computer.
  • Log out of all of your devices’ accounts.
  • If you have enrolled in the Android Beta program and use Nexus and Pixel cameras, unenroll now. Since the new owner may not be enthusiastic about the .
  • Before performing a factory reset, encrypt the unit. It aids in protecting the data more effectively against theft. Resetting your computer will erase all of your data, but you should encrypt it first and then reset it for added protection. To learn how to encrypt your smartphone, go here.
  • Before selling your old computer, remove the SIM and microSD cards. It goes without saying that you would not give up any of these features if you were to sell your smartphone.
  • Most of us won’t bother with this last move, but please remember to include all of the accessories and extras that came with the unit when it was first delivered to you.
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